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About Us

What is goBE?

Our promise to the public:

  1. go – we are a responsive team ready to go when you need us! (Unlike many agents, we answer our phone)
  2. BE – we are full-time agents with specialized knowledge about the hyper-local housing market
  3.  goBE – Providing the professional and speedy service you need to goBE what you want to be.

Find your Neighborhood Expert

goBE is the brand and with that brand comes a high standard of service. Many agents are lone wolves beholden to no-one. As a results their service can be sub-par or even sub-standard. At goBE our agents are committed to doing what they say the are going to do, and our brand holds them accountable.

We are different from any other brokerage. Members of our team are ready to GO when you are, and will BE the expert you need. Our multiple resources are available to help you through every step of the way. If you need approval can help you find financing. will help you understand the real value of homes in your area.

We are here to help you goBE what you want to be.


What makes goBE Experts different?

  • goBE SOLD: Agents sell 400% more homes than the average real estate agent
  • goBE COMMITTED: Full Time and Highly Experienced; no part-timers or hobbyists.
  • goBE SUPPORTED: Dedicated, full-time staff to handle details and help you even if your agent is at another appointment.
  • goBE LOCAL: They are Experts and Specialize in local neighborhoods!
  • goBE RESPONSIVE: Inquiries on your home online are answered within 5 minutes!
  • goBE CONNECTED: Our experts keep you involved and updated every step of the way
  • goBE NOTICED: Our marketing systems are highly efficient and proven to sell homes fast.
  • goBE INFORMED: Knowledge of who is selling in your area and who is looking to buy.
  • goBE INVOLVED: We are highly connected and involved in serving our local community. Since we live in the community we can provide insider information as we help build our community.
  • goBE DEDICATED: We are dedicated to serving you and making the process better for you.
  • goBE EXPERIENCED: With a proven track record, we have experience at overcoming objections and obstacles.
  • goBE ANSWERED: We answer our phones, so your questions can be answered, and buyers can talk to an agent about your home.
  • goBE FAST: Ability to show homes within 15 minutes*.

OWhy use a goBE expert versus a neighbor, family member, or friend?

A home is the largest single purchase many people ever make. You need to protect yourself by having an expert representative on your side through this process. Our agents are full-time experienced agents. They commit to continued training each week to keep their skills sharp. The average agent only sells 2-3 homes a year, and that’s after they have been in the business for over 5 years. Would you trust a dentist who only drilled 2-3 cavities a year? What about a doctor who only had 2-3 patients a year? Our agents sell 400% more homes than the average agent! With this experience come the knowledge to keep you safe and protected through the transaction.