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Do you Deserve a Government Refund?

Did you buy a home using an FHA loan between 1983 and 2004? If you did the government may owe you money!

***Search for your name HERE to see if the government owes you a refund.***

Government RefundThere is currently $412 MILLION dollars that HUD owes to thousands of home buyers in refunds. When you take out an FHA loan there is a mortgage insurance requirement that you pay upfront on the loan. Those who pay off their loan in full and on-time can get some of that premium back. Guess what! If you sell your home you ARE paying off that loan. So if you bought a home using FHA, and sold it, you may be on the list for a refund. Check out the HUD fact sheet for more details.

There are some companies out there offering to help you claim this money in exchange for a percentage of it. But you don’t need to pay them to get your money.¬†You should always be careful about any mail that states that a change in HUD’s, FHA’s or the government’s policy will prevent you from receiving your refund and that you should call immediately. There are other letters out there that claim you need to re-finance your loan with their company to get your refund. These are shady companies out there that are trying to capitalize on your refund money. You can do it yourself and get all of the money for yourself.



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