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Haunted Halloween Homes

Have you ever watched a scary movie and thought to yourself: “Wow that was a nice house, I’d really like to live there.” Okay, probably not, but when you take away the creaking doors, the howling ghosts, and mischievous poltergeists, many haunted houses are quite lovely.

Here are 8 beautiful homes that happen to be haunted. Which one would you want to live in?


Gothic Mansion (Edward Scissor Hands)

This luxurious mansion is perfect for the artist in all of us (handicap accessible). Enjoy the impeccable neighborhood support and Avon representatives. Located on a hill overlooking a beautiful suburban community. Feel like a part of this welcoming, friendly, and accepting neighborhood.  Sellers to include allowance to repair hole in the roof.  Fully landscaped yard. Skiing available when local artist feels inspired.
  • immaculate ice-sculptures and bushes
  • fully automated cookie-making machine

The Overlook Hotel (The Shining)

You’ll enjoy your solitude in this spacious home loaded with vibrant history. Nestled in the mountains where no one can hear you scream. This is the perfect home for a young family, especially if you have twins.  Feel your mind expand to fill the spacious architecture, with plenty of space for work and play. This is the perfect place to collect your thoughts, relive old memories, and let your imagination run wild! Enjoy the fun twists and turns of the exciting hedge maze!  It’s so homey and comfortable, you’ll swear you’ve been here before!
  • Full bar
  • Stocked pantries
  • Sellers to include carpet cleaning allowance (roaming blood usually gets off on the second floor)
  • Personalized and oversized, easy to use, axe-carved peep-hole for extra security

Country Manor (The Others)

Enjoy this remote country manor on a grand estate. Seasonal fog enhances seclusion and privacy. Efficient door locks throughout the home to enhance your sense of security. Fully landscaped and well-maintained lot. Recently re-possessed. Loyal servants and grounds keepers have worked here for generations. Looking for a place to call home? This is your house!
  • extensive window coverings throughout to protect the photo-sensitive

666 Hill House Lane (The Haunting)

Young heir seeks new owners to restore this family mansion to its former glory. Concerned about the environment? The walls of this home are intentionally angled so door close on their own. Originally built in the 1800’s by a devoted family man in a quiet and secluded country location. Interior has meticulously hand-carved cherubic railings that are so life-like you’ll think you can see them move.


  • Large fireplace where you can get ahead on all your work
  • Canopy bed
  • Servant’s quarters – currently vacant
  • Greenhouse with family sculpture (custom personalized statue available upon request)
  • Watchtower

585 Cuesta Verde (Poltergeist)

New construction in the exciting new Cuesta Verde planned community. Located on coveted historical site (an ancient burial ground). Two-story home perfect for a young family. Walk-in closets so welcoming you’ll feel pulled into them. Fully-landscaped with mature trees.
  • HOA covers 24-hour uninterrupted cable TV access
  • Quaint clown-themed children’s bedroom for the kiddies

398 Bavarian Drive (Paranormal Activity)

This two-story house in a suburban community is perfect for a young couple. The house is fully furnished, and includes a modern living room-set. House is wired for a home security system (some repairs needed) so you can sleep in peace. Features large master bedroom, large bathroom, plenty of storage space in the attic for treasured possessions and photos. Prospective buyers are encouraged to maintain a positive attitude at all times.


  • black leather sofa, chairs, and coffee table (slightly singed)
  • Home security cameras with plenty of storage


1471 East Cornith (Beetlejuice)

This quaint getaway has a great hilltop location providing gorgeous views of the surrounding area. It’s versatile interior design satisfies tastes for both the rustic and the abstract. The atmosphere is so cozy, you’ll never want to leave. In fact, you’ll swear the past tenants are still living with you! Great for parties and entertaining guests, both living and undead.
  • ‘Free’ zombie Master of Ceremonies to entertain your guests. Simply say “Beetlejuice” three times for a free demonstration
  • Convenient portal to the plains of Saturn

Whipstaff Manor (Casper)

Don’t let the size of the town mislead you, Whipstaff Manor is very spacious with dozens of rooms across three floors. Have fun exploring the secret passageways and discovering hidden rooms. Previous occupant have history of “unfinished business”. Great location on the coast with a dramatic ocean view. Huge ballroom perfect for hosting parties. It’s the friendliest house you’ll ever know.
  • Lazarus device stored in underground laboratory
  • Un-patented and forgotten inventions

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