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Buy a Home and Sell Your Home Guaranteed!

Utah Dave has sold over 2700 homes!  One of the top agents in the state created a program to help you eliminate the stress of buying and selling a home.  Moving twice?  That isnt fun!  Selling your home and not knowing where you are going to move? Not fun either.  Trying to buy a house and then putting your home for sale?  Painful as we hope the house we are trying to buy doesnt sell.   Now you can rest easy.  Put an offer in on a home, lock it up, list your home, and sell your home guaranteed or I will buy it.  Move only once!    For details of how your home can fit into the program, and for a list of homes that are available in the program, fill out the form below.  Buy a home and sell your home guaranteed!  Ask for details restrictions may apply.