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Pricing Your Home

What is my home worth

Tired of Zillow telling you the wrong value for your home?

Want to know what your home really worth?

I have 3 FREE solutions that can help:

Smart Home Value

This tool uses a complex methodology to create an automated estimate of your home’s worth. It looks at a set of the most recent comparable sales near your home. It searches for similar homes based on bed/bath count, square footage, and lot size. This tool is insightful, but your actual home value can vary widely depending on a number of factors. These factors including the completeness and accuracy of public records on your home and comparable sales.

Market Snapshot

This tool provides a quick glimpse at how the housing market in a specific neighborhood is doing. It provides information about what homes are actually selling for (compared to list price), how many homes are currently on the market, and how many of those homes that were for sale last month didn’t sell. With this information you can better assess the market conditions by seeing if the home values are increasing or decreasing.

  If you interested in broader market statistics check out these Number of Homes Sold and Current Utah Housing Market Statistics.

Right Price Analysis

This is the most accurate because we do a personal CMA on your home. While the previous two are good for estimates, the Right Price Analysis involves talking with me personally about your home, improvements, remodels, landscaping, upgrades, views, etc. so we can properly evaluate the value of your home. This accurate analysis will allow you to explore your options as a homeowner in our unique housing market. If you’re thinking of selling your home, or if you’re just curious about what your home’s current value, I’m excited to to prepare a detailed market analysis for your home. Because I do a lot of real estate I can usually provide a quick assessment of your home’s worth.

Click here to get a full Right Price Analysis

If you are thinking of making improvements to your home to increase its value, call me first! I can let you know which improvements will give you the best return on investment. Also, if you are just looking for some market data to lower your tax bill, I am excited to help with that as well.