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Utah Active Communities

Do you wish you had more time to enjoy the things you love? Have you ever spent so much time getting to the gym that you didn’t have time to get a good workout? Well these obstacles are just two of many that are solved by living in an active community.

Some areas, like Daybreak, offer many opportunities to be active within your own community. This way being involved in sports and fitness are convenient. They’re also loaded with activities and events so you don’t have to travel far for entertainment either. At goBE we want you to go where you want to go, so you can be what you want to be. Finding you the right neighborhood, so you can live where you play, is vital to our mission.

This weekend we will be showcasing the active lifestyle opportunities in many Utah communities at the Utah Sports, Health, & Fitness Expo

Living where you play eliminates many of the excuses commonly used to promote an inactive or sedentary lifestyle. Here are the top 6 excuses for not being more active, and how buying a home in an active community will help improve your health.

No Excuses

  1. No time! This is probably the most common excuse for not being active. The largest time eater is travel. If it takes you 15 minutes to get to the bike train, you’ve lost 30 minutes you could have spent biking! Imagine having a lake right outside your door for kayaking, boating, or swimming. That’s living where you play! 
  2. Can’t get away from the kids. Taking care of kids can keep you pretty active as it is, but what about doing the things you enjoy? Active communities also provide opportunities for the kids so you can take some time for yourself. For example, Daybreak has a park within 5 minutes of each home in the community.

  3. Exercise is boring. Strange as it may seem some people don’t get a thrill out of running in place for hours. Some don’t care for lifting up heavy things just to put them down. The trick to being active is finding activities you enjoy. If you like hiking buy a home in Draper where Corner Canyon and the Bonneville Lake shoreline provide over 2,000 acres of mountainside to explore. If you prefer competitive sports move to Murray where the Murray City Park provides several sporting opportunities. The trick is finding an activity you enjoy, and then go be a resident there.

  4. I hate going it alone. One great thing about active communities is that they attract other peole who enjoy the activities they provide. Not only will you find opportunities to be active, but you can meet other individuals who enjoy the same activities. Guess what, they’re your neighbors!

  5. It’s expensive. Gym memberships can be expensive, but these communities offer inexpensive opportunities for exercising. Cutting traveling time also cuts down traveling costs. Many of the communities also have a local gym that is free for local residents. Because many active people also strive to eat right, these active communities attract business establishments that encourage and support healthy lifestyle.

  6. Can’t find the motivation. When you live in an active community you see others participating in the physical activities provided. Seeing others will help motivate you to be active and do the things you enjoy. It is also motivating to have others encourage you, see number 4.

Contact a goBE neighborhood expert today for more information about active neighborhoods. You can also come visit our booth at the Utah Sports, Health, and Fitness Expo Feb 21-22.

Click here for discount tickets to the Expo!

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  • Communities can improve happiness by making it easy to get around on foot or bike. In general, healthy people are happier people. Therefore a community that encourages activity is happier. Look for…

  • Red Storage
    Written on

    I love this idea. Exercise is such an important thing to integrate in your life.
    The biggest reason I hear for people not exercising is usually the lack of time or motivation. Once you get started and you experience how it feels you will be able to find the time and lack of motivation will not stand in your way!

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